Welcome to Ming Room

At Ming Room, we see food as a chance to explore new flavors and new lands. A journey to be savored at every turn, around every corner.

So travel with us as you make your way through China, with traditional dishes from the provinces of Canton, Szechwan, and Hunan. Or leave the mainland for something closer to home with our famous General Tso’s Chicken. Or go even further with our signature Shrimp Pakoras and Chilli Chicken, concocted in the kitchens of Kolkata’s Chinatown (India).

No matter what you desire, our chefs will try to ensure that you leave thrilled and satisfied. Because that’s how a great adventure should always end. Our chefs are second generation Chinese-Indians, born and trained in the craft of cooking in Kolkata’s Chinatown, the home of original Indian-Chinese fusion food. They’ve cooked all over the world, and now they’re here to serve you. There’s nothing like dining with us, but we offer deliveries and takeouts as well. Order online, or give us a call. Love our hot sauces? We now have them bottled with your name on one!

We’ve been voted “Best Fusion” by Mississauga News, and “The City’s Best Takeout” by Toronto Life. Omni TV and Cantonese lifestyle shows have featured us. But the proof lies when you bite into our Salt ‘n’ Pepper Prawns and dig into our Flaming Chicken. Visit our Menu for more. Call us, order online, or come to our restaurant and eat your fill.

A Note About Indian-Chinese Cuisine
Also known by its moniker “Hakka-Chinese,” Indian-Chinese food was conceived by Chinese settlers in the early twentieth century in the city of Kolkata. It’s where cumin and coriander meet with noodles and soups, resulting in tingling and wholesome fare. And at its heart, Indian-Chinese is all about making great food with choice ingredients, something we strive to do at Ming Room with every dish.

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